Price (as tested) 💲: $98,750
Powertrain ⚙️: Four Electric Motors + 128.9 kWh Battery
Output 💪: 835 hp/908 lb-ft of torque
Transmission 🕹: Single-Speed Direct Drive
0-60 MPH 🚦: 3.2 seconds
Top Speed 💥: 110 mph
MPG (as tested) ⛽️: 73 city/65 hwy/69 combined MPGe + 316 mile range
Curb weight ⚖️: 7,000 lbs


The Rivian R1S throws out 835 horsepower and 908 lb-ft of torque like they’re numbers the general public is used to seeing.

Fact is, that level of output is typically at the blurry line between supercar and hypercar. 0-60 in 3 seconds isn’t an eternity behind cars and coffee nobility, either.

The similarities stop there, however. 7,700 pounds, however low-centered the batteries may make it, is a lot to slow down and pivot. The R1S manages its mass admirably, but a McLaren, this is not.

Take the R1S where the tarmac ends and you won’t care. With 15 inches of ground clearance, four-wheel torque vectoring, and hydraulic anti-roll control, the R1S is a vastly more capable off-roader than any EV we’ve seen thus far. Not into crawling? Might I suggest drift mode?

Just don’t venture past the 316 mile range limit unless you’ve retrofitted a pretty serious solar panel.