Price (as tested) 💲: 106,715
Powertrain ⚙️: 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6
Output 💪: 395 hp/406 lb-ft of torque
Transmission 🕹: 8-speed automatic
0-60 MPH 🚦: 6.1 seconds
Top Speed 💥: 140 mph
MPGe (as tested) ⛽️: 18 city/23 hwy/20 combined
Curb weight ⚖️: 4,974 lbs


The Land Rover Range Rover wasn’t always the plush, executive SUV we know today. When it first debuted in 1969, it was a two-door, utilitarian off-roader with vinyl seats and plastic interior panels that could be hosed out easily. As time wore on, the Range Rover moved upmarket, adding a four-door variant in 1981 and numerous creature comforts.

Judged from within its cabin, today’s Rover is almost unrecognizable from its predecessor. Soft leather, wood grain, and ample technology surround occupants – this isn’t a setting you’d be tempted to hose out. Despite its premium transition, the Range Rover has remained true to its off-road pedigree. With a mix of classic features like a two-speed transfer case and center locking differential and progressive ones like an air suspension, torque vectoring, and crawl control, the latest Rover is vastly more capable that its 20th century ancestor.

For those with $100K to spend on a full-size luxury SUV, options abound. Three-row contenders include the BMW X7 M50i, Mercedes-Benz GLS 580, and Cadillac Escalade Premium Luxury 4WD. Shoppers untethered to a third row and intrigued by off-road capability will also consider the Mercedes-Benz G550. Does the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Westminster Edition have the on-road manners and off-road chops to distinguish itself? Find out in this in-depth review.


Options Equipped:
– Westminster trim ($11,500)
– Wood + Leather Steering Wheel ($510)
– Cooled Rear Seats ($325)