Price (as tested) 💲: $65,005
Powertrain ⚙️: Twin-Turbocharged 2.7-liter 6-Cylinder
Output 💪: 330 hp/415 lb-ft of torque
Transmission 🕹: 10-Speed Automatic
0-60 MPH 🚦: 6.3 seconds
Top Speed 💥: 106 mph
MPG (as tested) ⛽️: 17 city/17 hwy/17 combined
Curb weight ⚖️: 4,975 lbs


After a 25-year hiatus, the full-size Ford Bronco is back. The original “sports-utility vehicle” pays homage to its predecessors via boxy proportions, round headlights, and short overhangs, while introducing cutting-edge convenience and off-road technologies.

Like the first Bronco of the 1960s, this reborn model is aimed squarely at the Jeep Wrangler. Both SUVs utilize rugged body on frame platforms, can remove their roofs and doors, and look appropriate for a night out or a day on the trails, but while the Wrangler retains a traditional solid axle setup front and rear, the Bronco adopts a more refined (though potentially less capable) independent front suspension.

In this in-depth review of the Ford Bronco First Edition’s exterior, interior, and driving dynamics both on and off-road, Miles (who owned a JK generation Wrangler) pits the Bronco against other capable rigs including the Jeep Wrangler, Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, and Land Rover Defender.