Engine: 1.6 liter turbo 4-cylinder
Output: 197hp, 214 lb ft of torque
0-60: 6.7s
Starting Price: $22,195
MPG: 29 city/ 39 hwy

Fiesta ST rear angle

Review (A MilesPerHr Exclusive)

What a gem. I’d heard some good things about this car before getting a chance behind the wheel, but I couldn’t picture how Ford could do so much for such a bargain. The performance specs aren’t jaw-dropping, but they are respectable.

From a standstill, the Fiesta ST doesn’t feel all that quick until you get it above about 5000 rpm, then you become genuinely surprised by the torque from the little 4-cylinder. I did all I could to keep the engine engaged in the upper parts of the power band because, wow, it felt like a hooning machine. I’ve owned a MKV VW GTI and I know a good hot hatch when I drive one. This Fiesta ST feels light, flickable, and just plain fun. You could point out exactly where Ford has spent the development dollars on this car. So performance was undoubtedly spot on for this price point.

Moving to the interior. The seats were lovely; comfortable, and well-bolstered. However, the rest of the cabin felt just like a $16-grand economy car. Instead of going further into that complaint, I’m going to reinforce my comment about well-spent money on Ford’s part. If you buy this car, you want sports-car thrills without paying sports-car money. In that regard, the Fiesta ST delivers in spades, and an argument about a lacking cabin loses steam. If you want German refinement inside, buy a new GTI for $28 grand. Done Deal.

Verdict: Awesome performance at a bargain, cabin could use a tune-up

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fiesta st interior