by: MilesPerHr ( Miles Branman)

Someone asked me this question a few days ago.

I responded with some thoughtful sounds and silence…
That has to be the most complex question I’ve ever heard.
Never have I had so many ideas rush to my head and not a single word make the cut.

After a mental recovery, I rambled for a few minutes about power, design, and purpose.
Expressions which any daily driver could give and which any auto enthusiast would mock.

Honestly, I’m embarrassed enough to write a book responding to the question.
Realistically, I’ve decided to write a brief post instead.

So why DO I love cars?

As a half-assed answer: cars have soul

That is literally all I could come up with after DAYS of thought.

The only other way I can describe my love for cars is this:

– when I hear someone talk about them, my ears prick up just like a dog hearing “treat”

– when I see a beautiful car on the street, I stop whatever I’m doing and stare, like a horny teenager who spots a supermodel

– when I hear the burble of exhaust from a sports car, I close my eyes and listen, like a jazz-lover jamming to the beat of his favorite group

– when I’m behind the wheel of a car, I turn the world off, like a batter waiting for the pitch.

I love cars so much that “hobby” just won’t do. I’m going to find a career that lets me interact with cars all day, every day.

Why do I love cars? Because that’s the only question I can’t answer.