–Objective one: To increase interaction with primary and secondary audiences by 20% within the mobile communication arena by January 2012, at a cost of $10,000.

1)    Build a mobile application which features a beautiful UI interface and interactive features. Bentley will outsource the app development to VentureFizz, a database of Boston area mobile app developers who will bid on the project. As more of Bentley’s target consumers spend hours each day on their smartphones, Bentley can capitalize on this trend by developing a sleek, free application that allows users to build their dream Bentley model and share it with friends or learn about Bentley’s heritage from brief, in-app videos (Mashable, 2011). The app will be easy to use, so the secondary audience can enjoy it, while offering cutting-edge graphics and video to appeal to the primary audience. Developed to operate on iPhone and Android platforms, this application will reach the majority of smart phone users. To spread the news about the app, Bentley PR will speak with Boston tech. publications like Boston Innovation to reach the primary audience initially.

2)    At the March 2012 Geneva International Auto show, place QR code platforms around the show that, when scanned with a smart phone, offer an exclusive bit of information about the new model that will be revealed that day. This tactic is a good way to generate buzz about the new model reveal and encourage smart phone interaction (Korhan, 2011). Exclusive information is a great way to reach the target audience and the new communication QR tactic shows Bentley has a contemporary approach (Korhan, 2011). Bentley will not announce the QR code tactic at the event, to raise the sense of exclusivity. The only other way people could find out about the information is to check into the Bentley booth on Foursquare, which will have a hint placed by Bentley PR about where to find the QR code stations. To develop the QR code, Bentley will recruit contentdeveloper for a customized interface.

3)    For Bentley dealerships, hire MacroSolve to create a mobile phone tool that functions as remote vehicle lock, engine ignition and alarm trigger. Surprisingly, this is a very inexpensive tool to develop, though the technology is very innovative (Maxwell, 2011). To increase the digital communication goal with the secondary audience, any Bentley consumers who come into the dealership to receive service on their vehicle or purchase a new Bentley can get this tool on their mobile device for free. Unlike the mobile application discussed above, this tool is kept within the Bentley owner pool and is a great way for current owners to be personally shown (by dealership staff) how innovative and accessible Bentley has become. Within the tool, there will be a quick link to interactive customer service. Any questions owners have could be answered without ever having to dial a number or drive to the nearest dealership. Obviously, this tactic doesn’t extend brand presence beyond current owners, but it is a great way for consumers to show off Bentley tech. and for brand interaction through mobile devices. Auto industry publications would pick up on this tool and generate buzz online as well.

**Are there some better tactics for this objective that I’ve missed?**



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