1)    To increase interaction with primary and secondary audiences by 20% within the mobile communication arena by March 2012, at a cost of $10,000. Bentley understands smart phone use and general mobile activity is surging year after year, so the automaker must forage into the mobile environment to dominate luxury auto brand presence. The most effective way to evaluate the success of this objective is to track web site traffic now and immediately after the March 2012 deadline. Results should reveal a 20% increase in mobile-driven site traffic. With more than a third of U.S. adults using smartphones, it is critical that Bentley capitalize in mobile communication soon (Mashable, 2010).

2)    To increase Bentley vehicle video sharing and feedback by 120% by June 2012 at a cost of $400,000.  Besides show room and auto show visits, Bentley has a difficult time engaging with its target audience. It has done well with getting Facebook “like’s” but needs to boost its interaction (Facebook, 2011). In addition, it hardly uses its Twitter account, and when it does, the tweets are not interesting (Twitter, 2011). By optimizing social media engagement, the automaker can cheaply and effectively link itself to consumers’ online engagement practices. By tracking mentions, comments and Bentley-branded video online, the automaker can see before and after figures that should reflect the objective’s success by June 2012.

3)    To heighten brand visibility from televised content by 80% by December 2012, at a cost of $500,000. Most of the U.S. population rarely see a Bentley on the streets, but are almost as unlikely to see a Bentley in an advertisement. The automaker relies on word of mouth and exclusivity to sell vehicles (Gibson, 2011). This has been a successful business model for the brand, though it is time to adapt to the changing communication landscape, scrap the print ads and assert the brand in more communication channels. Instead of relying on ads, Bentley should look into hybrid messaging like product placement or develop and inspire its own video content. For this objective, it would be best to track which and how many online destinations generate Bentley’s brand mentions now and after the December 2012 date. With more people watching TV shows online from sources like Hulu, there is an opportunity to assert the Bentley brand on televised programming (Newsline, 2011). Then Bentley should encourage online interactivity like chat forums and social networks.

**What would you suggest for Bentley’s Objectives and Evaluations?**


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