** this is part 2 of a multi-part feature on how Bentley can successfully navigate a new marketing plan**


The goal of this plan is to become the leading luxury automotive brand presence through digital communication and engagement with Bentley’s target audiences.


Primary audience: Cultured, aspirational young adults. Men and women, ages 18-28, who appreciate digital communication, luxurious lifestyles, brand presence and technology innovation. These young adults would like to own a Bentley vehicle one day and enjoy the status that accompanies a car of that caliber. On the cusp of the digital revolution, these young professionals can relate to Bentley’s goal of transitioning its marketing and PR efforts to the online and mobile landscape.

Secondary audience: Upper-class individuals between the ages of 40 and 65. These customers expect to spend over 150 thousand dollars on a vehicle with modern conveniences, luxury, refinement and presence. Most are looking for a large, powerful luxury coupe or sedan. They want to make a statement of elegance with their vehicle from a class leading brand. They have money to spare and do not fret over large purchases. These consumers refuse to drive a chintzy car. These buyers attended undergraduate and graduate school, and reside in wealthy, prominent social circles. They are not bargain hunters, but understand value for money. They are married with children who are in college or graduated to wall-street positions already. The primary audience consumes most of their media from the internet and television.

**Do you think Bentley would be successful targeting these audiences and using this goal?**