Why was I sitting uncomfortably in front of a blurry television with only the company of outdated magazines? Because, like everyone else, I need to get my car’s oil changed. Thankfully, that was the last evening I’d have to sacrifice for my car’s maintenance. A smarter way was finally here.  

SWEETWORXX, a SoCal-based startup, is changing the game for car maintenance. After downloading their app, you are able to schedule any needed maintenance for your car without calling or driving to the shop yourself. A SWEETWORXX agent will arrive seemingly from thin air at your selected pickup location, and in a few hours, drop it off fully serviced.  

Essentially, SWEETWORXX is an app that makes auto service as easy as calling an Uber or purchasing goods on Amazon. Simple and intuitive prompts direct you through the services provided and then allow you to schedule a pickup time. SWEETWORXX can pick up and drop off your car any time between 7am and 5pm – ideal for someone who works within their Orange County service area.  For most services, you can have your car picked up and dropped off in the same day. Rental cars are available through SWEETWORXX for longer service periods.

The most basic maintenance package includes the changing of oil, oil filter, cabin air filters, and windshield wiper blades. The cost is $140. Needless to say, the price is  less competitive than the same services completed via  a traditional mechanic.  But for the individual on a tight schedule, the premium is worth the luxuries of time and convenience. SWEETWORXX provides essentially any service or maintenance within the parameters of an average mechanic shop: brakes, electrical, air conditioning, etc. You can even request a vehicle diagnostic. The “basic” service I received was up to par. My car received necessary maintenance and I managed to dodge the auto shop, the rush hour traffic getting there, the appointment making, and the waiting room.  There’s quite a bit to love about this service.

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However, I was met with some difficulty when I tried to reschedule my pickup. My plans had changed and I was at a loss for how to reschedule my appointment through the app. While there was an extensive list of FAQs in the app (most were very helpful), my issue was not covered. So I optimistically dialed the customer service line. However, this proved to be futile as I waited on hold for over twenty-five minutes. I was eventually greeted by a very helpful customer service representative who quickly rescheduled my pickup appointment and was more than eager to provide any other help. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done in terms of the time it took to get an agent on the phone. It was a significant setback, but not an unfixable one.

Despite the delay of rescheduling the pickup, the service went off without a hitch.  At the pickup, an agent was at my car waiting for my keys right on cue.  He politely texted me when he arrived, greeted me as I approached, and kindly asked how my day was.  It was not until I was chatting with the agent about  my lunch plans that I actually remembered he was only there to pickup my car.  Unlike the experience you might expect when you drop your car off at a run-of-the-mill mechanic, I felt like I was dropping my car off with a professional chauffeur. Each employee I interacted with at SWEETWORXX was the kind of person you mention by name on Yelp and I caught myself hoping for the same professionals the next time I had a question or needed to schedule a pickup.

SWEETWORXX promptly went to work on my car, not only providing the basic service I requested, but also checking for any other maintenance issues – and of course followed up with further service suggestions. I was given a physical invoice at the time of drop off. Unfortunately, this was another hiccup in the process. My original invoice copy was not correct and I had to call the drop off agent to get a corrected copy. Like the customer service line, it was not a deal-breaking problem, but it was consistent with the overall notion that the startup still needs to tighten a few screws on their operation. In the end, I still appreciate the amount of time and effort I saved by having my car picked up, serviced, and dropped off.  

Like all startups, SWEETWORXX has some kinks, but its dedication to service and underlying value proposition make it a smart choice for busy Orange County residents. In another three thousand miles I’ll be thinking about that dimly lit waiting room at my old mechanic’s shop, and you can be sure that I’ll be reaching for my phone to schedule a pickup on SWEETWORXX.


  • Extremely punctual
  • Top notch customer service
  • Simple, intuitive app
  • Full service shop


  • Price
  • Limited service area
  • Difficult to make changes