Why “MilesPerHr”?

First, let me give you a bit of background about myself and cars. As a kid, I spent hours across the street at my best friend Stephen Braudo’s house pouring over car magazines and learning all about autos from Stephen’s dad, Shane. I developed passion for cars from constant exposure to shows, tv programs, magazines, and general discussion about all things automotive.  I was an athlete and a good student growing up, but my obsessive hobby always brought me back to cars. The mechanics and specifics behind cars never really fascinated me like they do for others, but I NEVER refused a ride in a hot rod. It has always been about the driving experience for me, and if I pick up some skills with tuning a vehicle great, but I would rip a beat up honda civic around a track any day over tinkering with the ECU of a Koenigsegg CCX. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the power and beauty of cars, even if I can’t keep up with all the gear-heads when they start spitting facts. To clarify, I do know a good deal about the intricacies of car mechanics, I just would much rather drive the damn thing than sit around talking about it.

So what makes me different from any other car buff out there? ….I can do more than just admire cars, I can drive them.

Please don’t let me convince you I am the best driver out there. I’m not, but I have spent years (more than just legal ones) getting to know the skills of driving cars to their limit. It is really a bummer that I spend nine months out of the year in Boston never touching a car, but I do my best to make up for lost time over the summers in California. Besides, If it weren’t for my time at BU, MilesPerHr might never have started.

I am now studying at BU as a PR major. This is my life and I enjoy every bit of the excitement that comes with the field, but I will always have a place in my heart for cars. Knowing this, I began to wonder if I could use my PR knowledge, social media, and my interest in autos to create a fun resource for car enthusiasts and those who just think it’s funny to watch me rant (about annoying some drivers and car people). PR is great, but I needed more than that to know video blogs would be right for me. So how about a tv show? That I have; Terrier Nation on BUTV10. This is a sports show for BU that I co-produce and anchor. Two years with this show has taught me about video development, editing, and management of all functions of distribution. Put all these things together plus my passion for cars and it would be foolish for me NOT to make this program.

MilesPerHr is not for me, and let me make this point very clear. I am making this show not just because I love cars, but also because people need to know why car enthusiasts like myself care so much about these machines. This is why I am adding points that EVERY motorist can discuss: things other drivers do that really piss us off. Whether you like cars because they get you from point A to point B, because they “look cool,” because they are faster than walking, or because they give you a thrill; Miles Per Hour is about appreciating what cars have done, can, and will do for people.

I will USTREAM, YouTube, Facebook, Tweet, and blog about all my content, so if for no other reason let yourself enjoy my attempt at comedy-filled video blogs.