What’s now ubiquitous to the driving experience? Dash-mounted cameras. Dash cams can capture any potentially useful video footage in the event of an accident, giving the user peace of mind and legal protection. The GoLuk T1 is new to the competitive dash cam market but goes the extra mile to pair with your smartphone, making it a top pick among.  

What’s in the Box

When you open your GoLuk, you’ll find the main camera unit which fits neatly inside the adhesive housing, though you may find it a bit difficult to remove and replace. The GoLuk mounts on the inside windshield next to the rearview mirror.  You’ll also find a remote record button with an adhesive bottom, a power cord, and a car charging plug. The T1 includes everything needed to cleanly mount the camera. Not included is a micro SD card which is necessary to record on the GoLuk (an 8GB card can be purchased for $5 on Amazon).  


GoLuk T1 Dash Cam

Out of the box, it will take a few minutes before the camera is ready to go. You’ll need to physical mount the camera inside the car and pair your smartphone to the GoLuk app.  Adhesive tape allows the camera to stick right behind the rearview mirror. By itself, the camera unit sleek and discrete. A long power cord is provided which runs along the top of the windshield, down the A-pillar and into the cigarette lighter.  Running the cord along the windshield is less than aesthetic and a bit of an inconvenience. For this reason, a battery-powered unit would have been much cleaner. Once the camera is physically installed, you can then power it on and connect your phone wirelessly. Then you can install the app on your smartphone and create your account. The setup has many parts, but still will only take minutes.  

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Using the GoLuk

GoLuk T1 Dash Cam

As a camera, the GoLuk functions so simply that it feels like you are missing something. When the car turns on, the camera automatically powers up and let’s you know it is on. Once the camera is up and running, you are ready to record at a second’s notice. The record button can be mounted anywhere on the interior of the car, but most opt for the steering wheel or shifter.  When you press record, the camera emits a beep and a red blinking light. Six seconds later, you have a 12-second video available on your smartphone. The camera gives you the six seconds of video and audio from before and after you hit record – that way you don’t miss any important footage  While driving, the camera just couldn’t be simpler to use.


GoLuk T1 Dash Cam

The market for dash cams is highly competitive, so there are few features worth noting on the GoLuk T1. 1080p video and a shock sensor that records automatically in collisions are standard on the GoLuk and most other cameras. However, the majority of cameras at this price do not include wifi and do not have a user app. The app makes instant playback and stored footage accessible in a flash. A suction mount rather than adhesive tape and an optional battery pack to eliminate the use of the long power cord would have preferred to GoLuk’s setup, but aren’t major issues. The camera hits an impressive price point for standard features and video quality, putting the GoLuk on par with some of the leading dash cam options.

The App

GoLuk T1 Dash Cam

The GoLuk camera comes with an app for iPhone and Android and is its largest differentiator.  The app allows you to operate and adjust the camera from your phone, like a GoPro. You also get a personal account where you can store, edit and share all of your videos. The most high-end dash cams on the market have a built in screen, but the competitively priced GoLuk simply makes use of the screen you already have on your phone. Most interestingly, the app includes a tab to view publicly uploaded videos from other GoLuk users. This I thoroughly enjoyed. To my surprise, it was not just a fail-montage. Lots of users posted videos of driving through beautiful scenery, interesting experiences on the road, and of course auto collisions. The social media dimension of the GoLuk and its user base is engaging. It provides a more personalized experience for me as a user. The social dimension added a little touch of humanity to the daily commute, and for us in L.A., that’s a small miracle.  

Pros and Cons


  • Useful, intuitive phone app
  • Sleek, compact, modern look
  • Competitive price for the feature set


  • Power cord – a battery option would be nice  
  • Installation – not as seamless as other units

The Verdict

A small, sleek design, quality features, and, most significantly – a well designed app set the GoLuk among the top picks for dash cams in its price-range.  It comes with all the features you should expect on an equally priced unit and includes an intuitive, social, and user-friendly app that seamlessly connects your car to your phone.  The GoLuk T1 is priced at $129.