Faraday Future continues to tease its first production model, despite reports that it will be delayed. Last week it was a peek at the nose of its new car, and this week the EV startup pits a prototype against some of the world’s quickest cars.

The brief Faraday Future teaser shows a covered prototype pulling up to the starting line on a drag racing strip to face-off against a Bentley Bentayga, Tesla Model X, and Ferrari 488GTB – though we don’t see the results of the race yet. This may seem like a random assortment of relatively fast cars, but it actually says a great deal about Faraday’s first model.

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Let’s first address the Ferrari. It’s fast. That’s probably the only qualifier for its being part of this “race.” Showing its prototype out-accelerating a sub-3.0 second 0 to 60 mph car (that costs well over $200K) is a pretty ballsy and eye-opening display. The Tesla Model X matchup is equally interesting, as Tesla is Faraday’s main rival, and the Model X is the [current] halo model. Finally, the Bentley Bentayga may seem out of left field, but its potent 6.0-liter V12, high top speed, and hefty figure may show how much quicker an advanced, electric crossover can be in a straight line.

We are intrigued to learn the results of the Faraday Future teaser race, but we’re equally curious about whether FF’s production car (set for reveal at next month’s CES) will be assembled anytime soon. Work on the company’s factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada, has stopped, and Faraday’s Chinese patron, tech company LeEco, is running low on cash.

A former employee has called Faraday’s plans a major long shot, the Las Vegas plant won’t resume construction until next year, there are reports of FF holding millions of dollars of debts, and the company’s caged communication strategy doesn’t give us any hints about corporate health.

Everything may perhaps ride on the CES concept, so expect several new rumors and teasers to break before January.