Last week, Hyundai gave us an in-person look at its new all-electric vehicle, the IONIQ 5. Taking shape as a small SUV with hatchback proportions, the IONIQ 5 will soon be followed by an electric sedan and three-row SUV (each with their own IONIQ numerals).

Hyundai and its sister brand Kia have been produced some daring designs as of late, but nothing quite prepares you for the IONIQ 5’s pixel design theme and retro form. Sizing up the massive wheelbase (which is even lengthier than the three-row Palisade), 20-inch geometric wheels, and angular back glass, the word “cool” forms in our brain before any other.



Inside, the IONIQ 5 is decorated with a pair of 12-inch touchscreens, leatherette seats, a prodigious glass roof, and pixel touches to mirror the headlights, taillights, and charge port. Hyundai’s design team utilized reusable materials extensively, including a bean oil-derived paint, recycled plastic seat covers, and biodegradable floor mats. Notably, the IONIQ’s cabin lends no advertising to Hyundai – even the steering wheel’s airbag cover is devoid of the usual logo. The minimalist interior is clearly aimed at autonomous use cases, with a sliding center console and a fully reclining drive seat. Until the tech and regulations catch up, Hyundai says the recliner chair makes a great lounger while the car is charging.

Drivers won’t get much more than a cat nap before the IONIQ 5 is juiced up, though. Provided a 350kW DC fast charger, the IONIQ 5 can leap from 10 to 80 percent charge in just 18 minutes. Those in a rush can even add 68 miles of range in just five minutes. Tesla’s supercharger network is still more convenient, but its Model Y competitor takes longer to charge.¬†With a full battery, the IONIQ 5 boasts up to 300 miles of range in rear-drive long range trim. Alternatively, the all-wheel drive dual-motor version produces 320 horsepower and can hustle to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds.

The IONIQ 5 will go on sale in September with official pricing TBA. We anticipate the entry-level RWD model will cost about $45,000 before incentives.